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  • Finally, the contribution of infrastructure factors also matters, with the availability of care facilities and of physical infrastructure being one example.
  • That is the question of the day, and it’s never been more clear that if we compare the Ni Una Menos movement with the Me Too movement in the US.
  • In Chile, women on average spend 21 hours more on these tasks than men spend, based on the latest figures available (Figure 1.13, Panel A).
  • Since young female university graduates now outnumber their male counterparts, using their human capital fully has become more urgent.
  • “What this result shows is that our power overflows all the frameworks that try to contain it and what was presented as a democratic minimum was actually a way of maintaining the presence of men in representative spaces,” she said.

Frustrations in addition to these dimensions are driving women to mobilize. In addition, Molina stressed the role of women in the vote and their possibility of influencing the outcome of the plebiscite. In this respect, she recalled that in “2020, 7 and a half million people voted; almost 4 million of us were women”.

“Chilean women have articulated their demands, and built a remarkable movement around them,” Professor Jennifer Pribble.

Sociologists’ work points to how diversity can bring divisions inside of social movements. That is the question of the day, and it’s never been more clear that if we compare the Ni Una Menos movement with the Me Too movement in the US. Me Too was more individualized, as women were encouraged to tell their story. Collectively, in the U.S. we don’t band together to demand a change in the system. So, the pension system remained privatized though they expanded access to noncontributory pensions.

Gender gaps in education and labour market outcomes

The idea to ensure the body drafting the new constitution was equal in gender was originally blocked by right wing parties but eventually approved by Congress – in what rights activists said was a world first. I’ve had friends that have been raped, or have had illegal abortions; they were so scared,” said Macarena Cortés, who runs a queer bar located next to Plaza Italia in Santiago, which has become a hotspot for feminist gatherings. That idea is also reflected in the anti-rape song by a Chilean feminist collective, which has become an anthem for protesters around the world.

Feminist demands have been tied to concerns about femicides and violence against women, and to frustration about the lack of reproductive rights in Chile. During the second Bachelet government abortion was legalized only in the case of rape, incest and the mother’s life being in danger. These are the only instances that make it legal, however abortion remains very hard to access in Chile in those instances particularly for low income women. Chileans will vote on whether or not they want one in an April 26 plebiscite.

Educational choices and the qualifications attained are key factors in helping workers find their way into more stable and better quality employment opportunities. In all countries, this way is more difficult to find for women than it is for men, although there are variations from country to country. The evidence available suggests that in Chile the difficulties that women face are greater than in many other OECD countries. At 53.2%, the female rate of employment in Chile is almost 20 percentage points lower than the corresponding male level (Figure 1.6).

Receive the latest information about upcoming exhibitions, educational programs, events, and more. Individuals were identified as “ideological enemies” for embracing left-wing ideology or belonging to a labor union. The relatives of these “disappeared” pled for their return but were met with silence. We’ve had lots of constitutional reforms in Latin America, but non that have guaranteed gender parity in the convention’s election process.

The Women’s Study Center is a nonprofit organization founded in 1984 and conducts research, trains women, has a consulting program, and tries to increase women’s political participation. La Morada is another nonprofit organization that works to expand the rights of women through political involvement, education, culture, and efforts to eradicate violence.